Empower diverse girls to be exceptional students, positive leaders and healthy young women.

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Imagine for a moment a shy tenth-grade girl. When asked to speak in front of others she is afraid. Her voice is quiet and meek. This girl was Rudi, until her junior year of high school when she joined Community Bridges.Since joining Community Bridges two years ago, Rudi has started her own club, founded her own small business, spoken in front of hundreds of people at the Confidence Code for Girls conference, received a scholarship to her dream university, and, above all, found her voice. For just $135 a month you can support a girl just like Rudi and truly change her life forever.

Today more than ever we need supporters like you to give girls like Rudi the opportunity to grow and become tomorrow's leaders. Community Bridges' programs are unique. Throughout the past 20 years we have provided an integrated program for girls in elementary through high school. Our holistic approach focuses on the whole girl, rather than parts of the girl. For these reasons, we are consistently invited to expand our programs, and with your help, we can.

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